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We have changed our name to Kiwi Holiday Insurance. Same great product, same great service. Kiwi Holiday Insurance Ltd. specialises in worldwide travel insurance for New Zealand residents travelling internationally or domestically. We also provide travel insurance for non-residents of New Zealand travelling to and within New Zealand. DID YOU KNOW? There has been an article recently in the Phuket News (Thailand) whereby a British tourist, 30 years of age suffered a heart attack on a 9 day holiday. He was transferred to an intensive care unit, where his friends decided to then move him to a private hospital – costing 2,500GBP per day for treatment. In a critical condition, this 30 year old actually forgot to take out any travel insurance – his friend stated, ‘for the sake of a small amount of money, it’s not worth taking the risk. Especially in a place like Thailand. People think it’s all palm trees and lovely beaches, but if you fall ill out here….unless you have got money, you’re in trouble.’ Total cost of treatment / medical bills to date = $20,000NZD + additional $5,000NZD per day for treatment

It is simple…

If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel!

Kay has been placed in the Top 5 Brokers in 2011, 2012 and 2014 for selling travel insurance.   To get a travel Insurance Quotation please fill in the form below.


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