The USA is a fantastic place to visit!

There is SO much to see and do when traveling throughout the United States. I have traveled to several states  – by plane, train and self drive. I have walked for hours, exploring the cities and towns at leisure. There is something in each state for everyone to taste, savor, see and explore.

I will personalise your travel tips to match your itinerary and destination.

There’s an App for that!

Apps are fantastic to use in the USA, and there’s practically one for every situation. Phone apps will guide you around museums and attractions, with apps that notify you when you’re near a clothing store to  take advantage of a sale – there’s an app to help you make the most of your trip!

Whilst there are lots of apps available,  its important to explore on your own, with or without a map! Venture off the beaten track and take your camera with you.

The food is fantastic.

If you’re looking for a place to eat, download the Yelp App and you’ll soon find the locations and ratings of the local restaurants/cafes/delis near you. It’s a great way to explore the city and experience great food at the same time.

If a restaurant has several patrons enjoying dinner, then it’s generally a good indication of the quality of the restaurant, food and service. Its a good idea to find out where the locals eat.  Ask the Concierge at your hotel and staff for local recommendations.

Don’t forget to allow for sales tax when you shop.

The amount shown on the price tag is not what you’ll  pay at the counter. Unlike New Zealand, prices in the USA generally exclude sales tax (and the tax rate varies depending from city to city – state to state). To be safe, add an additional 10% to the price tag. This this will give you an approximate price guide.

Tipping – how much?

How much should you tip? When you are presented with your check (bill) there are tip options shown – these are suggested amounts for you today.  Do not feel obliged or pressured to pay the amount. Some restaurants will automatically add a tip to your bill.  Keep an eye out for this as you may end up tipping twice! For baggage handling (taxi driver, transfer companies and hotels) the accepted amount is USD $1 per bag.

  • I recommend you keep your $1 bills separate from the other cash you carry.
  • I base my tip on the service received. Do not feel pressured to pay the ‘expected amount’, as shown on the check!