Overseas Weddings and Honeymoon

Why have an overseas wedding


Pressure Free

Whether you marry on an idyllic South Pacific Island, in Australia or Asia, these destinations provide an idyllic escape from the pressures of organising a wedding at home. An Overseas Wedding and Honeymoon provides a unique experience. Have an entire resort to yourself. Many boutique resorts will allow wedding parties to hire the resort, allowing total privacy. Everything is organised for you and resorts will happily organise all details including arranging all legal requirements. Most resorts provide a wedding co-ordinator in their wedding packages.

A Choice of Beautiful Locations

Without a doubt the azure oceans and pristine beaches are the major attraction to plan your wedding around. Yet sparkling waterfalls, tropical forests or even a resort provide a number of settings, each one as magnificent as the last. A mix of colonial and modern architecture provide wedding and reception options.

Not Having to Travel to your Honeymoon

What better way to start your honeymoon than simply walking up the beach.

Choose a dress that is practical for your wedding destination.

A simple dress in a cool natural fibre will be more comfortable. High heels could be a nightmare in sand if you’re planning a beach wedding.

Pack your dress separately.

When making your booking be sure to tell the airline that you are on your wedding or honeymoon. Pack your dress in a separate box or bag so that it can be placed appropriately on the plane.
Hang your dress up as soon as you arrive. The humidity of the tropics will help the creases to fall out.

Don’t get burnt!

Take care in the sun before your big day; use plenty of sunscreen You don’t want to look like a lobster in your wedding photographs.

Wedding Coordinator

Make friends with your wedding co-ordinator.
She/he is there to help, especially if something unforeseen happens with your dress or any other item on the day.

Legal Requirements

Discuss with me the options of where to get married. Some destinations have strict legal requirements.
Alternatively, you can marry in New Zealand first then celebrate your wedding overseas. I have contacts at various destinations and will guide you through making a decision.

Book Early

Plan and book early! Some resorts have 3 – 4 weddings per day (especially in the South Pacific), so ensure you book well in advance to secure your wedding date, best venue, preferred time of wedding and to make sure there’s enough availability for your guests to stay at the resort


Ensure you take out insurance for your overseas wedding. Make sure your policy covers you for cancellations, damaged wedding goods, attire and lost items.

Group Bookings

Various resorts have group discounts for large wedding parties. Be sure to take advantage of these discounts as it’ll save your guests and yourselves money. Look out for the wedding packages that offer free wedding package offers!

Marriage Fees

These vary depending on the destination you are getting married in. Ensure you have all the Marriage Fees covered to avoid any surprises…

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